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Burlington is located in Skagit County in Washington State and is approximately halfway between Seattle to the south and Vancouver, B.C. to the north.

In Burlington’s early days, it was a logging camp with Fairhaven Avenue being their main business hub. Today, Fairhaven Avenue is their historic downtown and is home to the annual summer Berry Dairy Days Strawberry Festival that celebrates the history of agricultural and farming communities

Berry Dairy Days is one of the major events that occurs in Burlington where the largest strawberry shortcake is showcased. It is made with 60 sheets of sponge cake and takes up to 12 hours to bake. The festival used to be a fundraiser for the town’s fire department but now it is a community event put on by the Burlington Chamber of Commerce.

Burlington, WA real estate is for those who are looking for a quieter, small-town experience. Burlington homes for sale are fairly car-dependent as the majority of residents drive or carpool with friends and family. Nearby cities include Everett which is a 30-minute drive to the south and Bellingham, a 30-minute drive to the north.

South Burlington Boulevard is where you will find big box stores such as the Cascade Mall, a factory outlet, Costco, and Target mixed in with quaint mom-and-pop businesses.

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